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Thursday May 5: Jazz in Crooswijk Festival

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"Storytelling Jazz"

About Nikobo

The Nikobo Nordic Jazz Trio first played together by coincidence, during a fancy dinner party at the end of 2019. Musically they hit it off right away. At the beginning of 2020 they started experimenting with own compositions during rehearsals and small gigs. Due to this unconstrained start, having fun while making music has been (and still is!) the most important thing for Nikobo. "Playing for us means telling stories and going on an adventure together!" The result: Storytelling Jazz.

Jonas Nieuwenbroek (drums), Jurriaan de Kok (double bass) and Bas Boon (piano) share the need to tell stories with their music. Their compositions are built around recognizable motifs, which are further explored during improvisations. Atmosphere and dynamics play a big role so each time a song can go into a different direction. That’s the nice thing about Nikobo, each composition is a conversation and the conversation is never the same. During 2020 Nikobo performed at various venues and theatre’s in The Netherlands like TivoliVredenburg. They released the single "102", "The Long Road" and "Ocularia Solaria" this year. On December 9 they will release "Fading" at The Waalse kerk, Den Haag.


Bas Boon

Double bass

Jurriaan de Kok


Jonas Nieuwenbroek


An overview of all concerts

Date Description Location
Thursday May 5, 2022Jazz in Crooswijk FestivalJazz in Crooswijk
Sunday April 24, 2022Art of the TrioPodium de nieuwe kamer
Saturday March 19, 2022Single release 'Mr Mamadou'Studio de Bakkerij
Sunday Februari 20 2022Stadstheater ZoetemeerStadstheater Zoetemeer
Saturday December 11, 2021Single release 'Fading'Waalse Kerk Den Haag
Saturday November 11, 2021Filmfestival SuikerzoetTheater aan de Schie
Wednesday October 27, 2021Bebop live presentsRietveld theater Delft
Sunday July 4, 2021North Sea Round TownDe Buurvrouw Rotterdam
Sunday June 6 2021UJazz - DUMStad SpecialDomplein Utrecht


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